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03/03/2011 to Present simplyhealth ,
Simplyhealth (formerly  Groupama Healthcare) Senior Analyst programmer.

IOS/Objective-C development experience;

  • Exercise application. (Experience of CoreData, and parsing data formats in JSON).                          
  • Remember application (Use of UILocalNotification).
  • Experience in writing and utilising Web services and Web API using JSON and XML formats.
  • Registered Apple Developer.
  • Full life cycle experience.

C#,HTML5, JQuery Mobile experience;

  • Walking Mobile application using PhoneGap, and Google API.
  • Mobile friendly CV responsive design.
  • I developed a C#.NET content management system, using FREETEXTBOX, for a tablet customer policy content brochure application.  Added feature to select and imbed base64 image into html text.
  • Customer policy content brochure application is developed in html5,CSS3 and uses local storage, manifest files and web services to retrieve data to mobile device.  PhoneGap build to deploy to a variety of mobile devices.
  • Hospital search table with map, dynamic claim form developed in C#.
  • Web security:  cross-site scripting, bruit force, port scanning, Denial of service.
  • SQL Server database design, store procedures and triggers.
  • Web Service – parsing JSON and XML formats.
  • Amazon Web Services – I have set up my own virtual server, using .NET and SQL server 2008 R2. I use for hosting and testing. Used to set up an e-commerce store, and a store map location, showing distance and plotting store locations.
  • Windows Azure- setup windows cloud server and various websites.


10/01/2011-9/02/2011 computacenter,
Integrated Management  Solutions (Global) Limited,Analyst/Programmer  – Fixed term contract

Working on JBA to SAP Migration project for a large blue chip company, Computacenter.

06/2010-1/10/2010 geodis, RPG/ILE Iseries Programmer (Contract Position)

Working on a Full life cycle development project.

Writing user requirements specification. Producing technical specs. Design and code. Below projects that I have completed;

  • Implement and testing on a new customer service task logging system which I am developing. There are Two parts to the new system;

i)  Logging logistical errors from warehouse to the transport and distribution  systems. These errors are shown on a customer service screen for a member of the team to make a proactive call to the client.

ii)  Look at customer monthly sales turnover to categorize customers and allow customer services to make a calls, to encourage new business opportunities.


Other completed projects;

  • Validate E-booking package defaults - It seems that it is possible for the customer to create an e-Booking job with some essential package details missing, and the purpose of this change is to supply defaults by customer and package type
  • Add customers to credit card cash account -Change job charging to prompt if no sales exists ‘Add customer to credit card account and present new screen for operator to enter credit card details. If the customer is already allocated to the credit card account then display credit card entry screen when charging the job. Where the customer has already been allocated to the credit card account then place the job on hold as new customer. Add new function to list the outstanding credit card transactions with the charge amount showing. If it is prepared or authorized. The credit card details are deleted from the system when the credit control operator confirms that the payment process is successful. Disable the alter transport terms once the credit control has processed the payment. If job is stopped then the credit card details are deleted automatically.
  • Automatic charging and reserving- To allow the exclusion of countries and services by customer when charging and reserving automatically. Where the special rate exists for a customer (excluding standard default specials) and the flag is set then no calculations to be made for jobs falling outside the special charging criteria. To delay the charging and reserving by amendable hours for export and domestic jobs being eligible for charging.
  • Automate overhead invoices- change to the document management system to control assignment of overhead invoices to cost centres, and generate the transfer files to the accounts system.

2003 – 12-12-2008 euk,
Entertainment UK, Senior Iseries Support Analyst Programmer

  • Development and support of, JBA systems 21. (5 Years Experience knowledge of Supply chain, Warehouse, Returns, Sales, Order processing and Financials into Coda).
  • Analysed problems from a business process level down to programming line level, and proficient in writing, developing and amending programs. Programs are written in a variety of RPG/ ILE including free format, embedded SQL and some JAVA. There is extensive use of sub-procedures, service programs and use of IFS on ISeries(5).
  • Provided good analytic skills to enhance, problem solve, and develop solutions for new and existing systems.
  • Good communication skills in acquiring and documenting user requirements, then drawing up functional and technical specification. Used Prince 2 methodology and Data flow Diagrams in system documentation.
  • Completed ITIL training, exceeded expectations and delivered a 25%, reduction in technical incident and problem management, year on year, significantly reduced overnight support calls.
  • Being flexible in other remits. Provided REIMS development and system technical support.

1997 – 2003 blocbuster,
Blockbuster Entertainment Limited, Senior  Analyst Programmer (AS400 and VB6).

  • I have 18 Months experience in supporting VB6 applications and cross training in VB.NET, this Includes SQL Server DBA experience. Blockbuster Trading Explorer (BTE) ordering.  After my VB 6 course I developed the Ordering process for the BTE system.
  • Full life cycle development, analyse problems from a business process level down to programming line level, and the ability to write, amend and specify programs.
  • Produce Technical and functional specifications from direct discussion with business analyst and department managers, following Prince Methodology.
  • Range manager spread sheet upload to AS400. This development enables Trading to set up parts that they would like to order on an Excel Spread sheet and to automatically upload to the Stock Replenishment (VBA experience).
  • Projects include conversion Y2K, BT the Big Number, Euro Development and Data Warehouse interfacing using Informatica Powermart.
  • Bespoke development (Processing Credit payments and distributing data to the stores, Accounts Payable - changes that would facilitate the processing of invoice match to receipts)
  • I carried all upgrades, and support for their GENTRAN EDI system.
  •  I provided JDE support, upgrade changes, user setup and writing reports. I have carried out user setup, user environment setup, set up UDC tables. Use Dream writer and set reports, using FASTER- reporting tool.
  • I carry out, test and Implement JDE cumulative fixes for Accounts payable, sales ledger, bought ledger, general ledger, financial reporting, foreign currency, budgeting, fixed assets, sales audit and payroll.

1996 – 1997 GEC,
GEC Warranty Services limited, subsidiary of CFI, AS400 Analyst Programmer.

•         Full life cycle development, on their Motor Warranty  Insurance, and on the financial system for their Car Tracker System. This involves analysis and writing new programs and financial reports. System testing and attending meetings.

•         Team leader role for major upgrade to database Domestic Insurance system and system testing.

1995 – 1996 wycombe dc,
Wycombe District Council, AS400 Analyst Programmer.

•         Analysed problems from a business process level down to programming line level, and proficient in writing and amending programs.

•         Full life cycle development of their Y2K changes including QA and system testing.

•         The job includes good communication skills, incident and problem management.

•         ‘hands on’ support and development of the existing systems. These include; Fixed Attributes, Mortgages, Housing Benefit, Community Tax.

1993– 1995 wealden,
Wealden Computing Services Limited (software house), AS400 Analyst Programmer.

•         Wealden provides Payroll, Personnel Pensions, Financial Management Systems, Fixed Assets, Sickness and Absence Recording, and Plant Hire

•         The job requires going on sit and installing software upgrades.

•         All upgrade and bespoke changes are done in house by the AP’s.

•         Writing Backups and Recovery and Installation procedures of client system software.

•         Programs written in a variety of RPG, and systems.

•         To provide extensive customer support to Wealden’s 300+ client base providing Technical support. Clients include Argos, Manpower services, General Motors, B P Chemicals, various Local Authorities, etc. This occasionally includes on site work. Run time maintenance via the Ethernet network.


Professional Training

June 2011, Jan 2012 4.0, C# and Visual Studio 2010 Essential Skills and Expert Skills (The smart method training)

  • Getting started with visual studio.
  • Understanding Web Sites.
  • Pages.
  • Controls.
  • C# Variables.
  • C# Classes, Namespaces and methods.
  • C# Logical constructs and error handling.
  • C# Collections and Loops.
  • Authentication.
  • Using Data controls.
  • Building a Complete ASP.Net site.
  • Advanced Visual Studio features.
  • Advanced .Net Classes.
  • Threading and Cryptography.
  • Advanced class structures.
  • Complier directives and advanced debugging.
  • Advanced ASP.NET controls.
  • Advanced ASP.NET techniques.
  • Web services and AJAX.
  • Advanced data access techniques.
  • Regular Expressions.
  • Expert techniques.

Dreamweaver CS4 Beginners and Advanced training (2010).

  • Creating a web site
  • Inserting images and media
  • Working with DIVs and APDIVs
  • Working with CSS
  • Creating Forms
  • Working with XML and XSLT
  • Roll-overs and Behaviours (Spry-AJAX)
  • Creating anchors and links
  • Working with tables
  • Publishing a website

ITIL training (workshop, covering ITIL fundamentals)(2008).

Microsoft Approved Course Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Development (2000).

  • Visual Basic Essentials
  • Data access tools
  • Class modules
  • Building ActiveX Controls
  • Using ActiveX data objects
  • Advanced Data Access issues
  • Using COM Components
  • Building COM Components
  • Optimizing and Deploying Applications
  • Building Internet Applications

Delphi for windows, Object PAL, Data base Design and advanced programming techniques (1996).

Microsoft Approved Training in Paradox for Windows (1995).

KALAMAZOO PLC, NVQ in Application Programming (COBOL) Distinction pass (1991).


Professional Profile

mahesh lad

A skilled and motivated Senior Analyst/Programmer with over 15 years experience in IT. Expertise in writing native IPhone applications. Acquired AWS and Windows Azure cloud servers used for designing responsive websites and utilising Web services and Web API using JSON and XML formats. Experience in communicating with these services and mobile devices. Possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate concisely and articulately with clients and colleagues alike. Enjoy being part of a successful and productive team while demonstrating strong leadership potential in a demanding position.



I am looking for a company that is looking to the future that is using C#.NET, WebServices and looking to develop for Mobile devices. A company that is open to using HTML5,CSS3, JQuery Mobile and PoneGap. I am now looking to build on extensive range of technical skills within a suitably challenging role. Keen to achieve further professional development. 


Key skills





XCode, IOS, Objective C, Entity Framework

2+ years


  • AWS (with SQL Server 2008 R2)
  • Windows Azure (MVC4 and Web API)
  • Website Hosting

1+ year
2+ years

SQL Server

SQL Server 2012, 2008 R2 Admin and Store Procedures, Triggers.



  • ,MVC
  • Objective C
  • VB6

2.5 years
2 years
1.5 years
5+ years

Web & Mobile

HTML5,JQuery Mobile,  CSS3, PhoneGap, Google API.

3 years


  • MS Visual Studio
  • MS Office 365, 2012, 2007
  • Adobe Dw, Fw,Ps.Ai
  • PhotoImpact
  • Gentran, Reims EDI

5+ years
5+ years
3+ years
2 years
5 years



References are available on request


To Degree level, BSc Mathematics